Textile is the second pollution industry of the world, Vietnam is one of biggest textile manufacturing hub of the world, all big fashion brand names now manufacture their products in Vietnam. There is a huge quantity of textile wastes which are generated in Vietnam year by year, who are responsible for the waste? Until now nobody has legal answer for this question.

At the beginning of Nam Phong, we consider the textile waste is main field that we have to do. We invest to become the biggest & most professional collector, pre-processor & recycler of textile wastes in Vietnam. We have networks to collect the waste in south & middle of Vietnam. Our hub facilities in Cu Chi District, HCMC where we can process more than 3,500 tons fabric clips, yarn waste, fiber waste a month to turn them become raw materials for producing shoddy fiber, recycled OE yarn, needle felt, cleaning, filling and pulp. We recycle by ourself & also supply much materials for our partners who are also professional textile recyclers or users.

With our knowledges & experience, We can bring you very high & consistent quality, right & suitable materials for each different application, with competitive prices and professional services. We make these things for many our partners around the world.


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