Many international sportwear brand names have manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, they make Vietnam become one of biggest shoes production hub of the world and also generate a huge quantity of waste materials and rubbish such as genuine leather , synthetic leather, shoes sole, fabric, plastic …etc. These industry post of waste materials are not good for the environment of Vietnam

Vietnam is also biggest farm of rubber tree in the world, the rubber is also used to make many products in Vietnam such as tyre, textiles , glove, mattress. There is a big quantity of waste rubber is created during the production, the consumers post also create a huge rubber scrap

Anywhere there are waste & scrap, Nam Phong is there. We bring the solution for shoes & rubber industries to recycle the waste and scrap. We collect and convert the wastes into raw materials which can be used to make other products or re-use them to make new products, We are alone in this field in Vietnam but we always try & continue