Welcome to Nam Phong Industry Co., ltd, the Vietnamese company with 16 years professional in collecting, pre-processing and recycling secondary materials, Scrap and By-product which are generated from different industries.

Yearly, we recycle more than 50,000 tons materials containing minor metal, base metal, Iron by-product and Refractory scrap. Nam Phong is a biggest pre-processor (to convert the waste into raw materials), Supplier and recycler of minor metal & refractory in Vietnam since the year of 2000. Molybdenum, Vanadium, Tungsten, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, Mag Carbon, Mag Spinel,  DBM, Alumina, AZS, Silica, Silicon Carbide …are our materials.

The resources are limited. We don’t have stable development & fresh environment if we continue exploiting the natural resources & return the wastes to the environment. Nam Phong is always towards "Green & Stable development", Responsible with society & environment. We always apply The 5R rules (Research, Reuse, Renew, Reduce & Recycle) for all our products & activities.

We always find new technology and co-operate with many partners on the world to recycle more and more waste materials.  Since 2006, We have set up the professional system to collect, sort and recycle by-products of fiber, yarn and clips, Foam, Rubber & Leather. Nam Phong is the biggest & most professional supplier of textile waste in Vietnam. Our capacity is more than 2,500 tons textile waste per month.

We are the best station for you to get "the green materials" with lowest prices to replace the virgin materials while quality is always guaranteed. We offer the solution of materials to cut down the production cost and solve the problem of environment.

Thank you for visiting us, contact us to get the business started and make the earth clean.