Nam Phong is the best expert and professional in secondary materials and waste, bringing you consistent and high-quality secondary materials to recycle and replace virgin materials.

We have a global network for collecting, sorting, reprocessing, and supplying. As a result, we can provide you with a consistent quantity over time. Our quantity is flexible, from a small quantity for making samples to a large quantity for continuous production.

We are the best station for you to get friendly environment materials to produce green products. One stop at Nam Phong is where you can find all materials. We say No to any activities or businesses that are not friendly to the environment.

Good management and maximizing the effective operation of the system We can offer very competitive prices and high quality.

We are serious, trusted, and responsible.

Nam Phong is not only a supplier of secondary materials; we also consult with you on how to use them to their highest potential.

Always conduct research to develop new materials and new technologies to support all our customers and partners.